Orange City, Iowa

Welcome to Birdhouse Rentals
in Orange City, Iowa

Birdhouse Rentals was founded in 2010 to provide quality rental housing in Orange City, Iowa. We have several rental homes ranging from 2 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom homes. Each rental home is unique, and therefore each lease is different. We focus on one year leases which roll over to month to month leases. Because we only receive a one or two month notice, and each home serves different size family needs, we are unable to accommodate a waitlist. Therefore, please check the website often, as any new listing will be posted here first.

Orange City is a beautiful residential community with a good industry base. Orange City has beautiful parks, a great school system, good retail and a solid church base.

Birdhouse Rentals gets its name from the family name, Vogel, which translates from Dutch to English as "Bird". Jane Vogel's grandparents had a home in northern Minnesota that they named "Vogel's Nest". It was from this memory that the name Birdhouse Rentals was born.